Ecological farm of Linas Šliauteris

Ecological farm of Linas Šliauteris

Today Linas Šliauteris owns the largest farm of sea buckthorn in Lithuania. He is the owner of the territory of 150 hectares for growing berries. His father and brother additionally own 100 ha whom with he is involved in the joint activity of growing these golden berries.

The small yellow sea buckthorn berries are true vitamin bombs and contain up to ten times as much vitamin C as lemons. Three spoonfuls of sea buckthorn juice are enough to cover an adult’s entire daily vitamin C requirement. Also externally the sea buckthorn berry can cause true miracles: Sea buckthorn oil helps with sore laid, inflamed skin, protects against harmful UV radiation.

Today, sea buckthorn is available as juice, mush, tea, syrup and in many other forms in every health food store or organic food store. Since the berries are very sour, people rarely eat them in raw form. However, they are gently pressed and processed; most of the nutrients from the sea buckthorn are preserved.

Sea buckthorn contains numerous healthy nutrients: In addition to the already mentioned vitamin C, sea buckthorn also contains an abundance of E and A vitamins. Many vitamins are fat-soluble – sea buckthorn provides the fat at the same time and enables the body to process the nutrients directly.

The flesh of the sea buckthorn berry also contains minerals such as magnesium, iron, calcium, and manganese. All these nutrients are contained in a few spoons of sea buckthorn juice or sea buckthorn puree.

The sea buckthorn juice is the best drunk in a 1:6 ratio with water. Sea buckthorn juice also tastes good mixed with a spoonful of honey in hot tea or apple juice.

Due to its high concentration of active ingredients, the pheasant berry is used in a wide variety of diseases.

First, it strengthens the immune system and is, therefore, the ideal companion in the cold season. It promotes the body’s resistance. Due to its ingredients, sea buckthorn has an anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect throughout the body. Applied externally, it reduces sunburn, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, but also rheumatic complaints and edema.

Scars are reduced, and the skin benefits from natural UV protection. Internally, sea buckthorn can relieve chronic lung diseases such as bronchial asthma, it helps with stomach and intestinal inflammation and improves the quality of blood and blood vessels.

Due to its high concentration of antioxidant substances, it is used in medicine in cancer patients as an adjuvant to chemotherapy. The sea buckthorn berry can also help to lose weight. It is supposed to reduce the desire for sweets, but also alcohol and nicotine.

Sea buckthorn also has a lot to offer in terms of taste. It has a very intense taste, which can best be described as fruity and spicy. Similar to citrus fruits, it has a strong sour note, which makes its viscous, orange juice the ideal complement for mixed drinks and cocktails. Occasionally, the berries are also used to make fruit brandies or liqueurs.

Sea buckthorn is traditionally used as an ingredient in many types of tea. Thus Rooibos tea gets its sour note mainly from dried sea buckthorn berries. Its intense, aromatic taste, combined with its extremely healthy ingredients, makes it a prevalent fruit, which has gained in importance again in recent years.

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