9 ąžuolų ūkis Fermented sliced beetroots, 250g / store collection only


Ingredients: beets, leaven (drinking water, garlic, sugar, salt, allspice, black pepper, bay leaves, dill), hot pepper.

Net content: 250g (+/-10g)

Storage conditions: 0 – +5 °C


After opening, store in the refrigerator and consume within 3 days.

Weight .9 kg
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🌳 9 Oak Farm: The oak tree is a symbol of strength, power, longevity and height. It is the connection of two worlds 🌎 because its roots penetrate so deep into the earth and its branches seem like they can touch the sky ☁️ Because the oak tree is deeply rooted in the earth, therefore it is not afraid of storms ⛈️ because it knows that it will never be broken or moved from its place. The oaks teach the same thing to man: don’t let the storms disturb you, be firmly rooted in your nature, in your land. And in our homestead 🏡, where vegetables are grown and processed 🥕, we have as many as 9 oak trees! We invite you to taste our products (VMVT permit No. 360001001):

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