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aromáma 100% pure atlas cedar essential oil 5m


Cedar oil is one of the first that was used for therapeutic and esthetic purposes. In ancient Egypt, cedar oil was used for embalming, carving sarcophagi from it, building ships and temples. The wood is extremely hard, dense and fragrant. For these reasons, it is considered one of the most resistant: it’s not affected by time, environmental factors, pests. In ancient cultures, cedar is considered a symbol of eternity, patience, endurance, and unwavering faith. Cedar oil smells of luxurious wood. It smells of exceptional homes and offices: the aroma exudes luxury, nobility, aristocracy. Cedar essential oil is safe to be used in diffuser for babies from 6 months, dilute for use on the skin – from 2 years.

We recommend to avoid during pregnancy, safe during breastfeeding.

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