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aromáma 100% pure chamomile (Roman) essential oil 2ml


One of the most needed to have at home – chamomile essential oil, especially if you have small children. You can pair chamomile essential oil with oils of lavender , rose , bergamot , lemon , tea tree , ylang-ylang and jasmine . Use in an electric essential oil diffuser , for aromatherapy baths, massages, rubbing, inhalations. Chamomile essential oil is suitable for babies from birth and for the whole family. Use in moderation during pregnancy, if necessary, it’s safe to use during breastfeeding.

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How and when to use:

  • Put chamomile essential oil in a diffuser if it is difficult to calm down after work, after and exciting day . The aroma of chamomile can be used in the bedroom all night long – it is a safe for the whole family. Add 3-4 drops of chamomile essential oil to the diffuser and leave it overnight. If desired, chamomile can be mixed with other essential oils suitable for the night – lavender, bergamot, ylang – ylang.
  • Rub baby’s, child’s or adult’s feet with pure, undiluted chamomile essential oil for better night’s sleep.
  • Use chamomile essential oil to clean air indoor during cold season. Add a few drops of chamomile oil into the diffuser. Can be combined with rosalina or lemon essential oils – aromatherapy synergies always work stronger than individual oils.
  • Inhale chamomile oil directly from the bottle, paper tissue or from your warm palms during spring and summer allergy season. For a longer-lasting effect you can add a few drops to the diffuser, rub a drop of pure chamomile oil to your feet or prepare an aromatherapy bath (see instructions at the end).
  • You can also produce an extremely effective aromatherapy synergy “Gentle Fluff”: mix 8 drops of chamomile, 12 drops of lavender , 25 drops of lemon and 18 drops of eucalyptus staigeriana essential oil. Add prepared mixture into diffuser, add a few drops onto clothes on the shoulders or on a scarf – the essential oils will evaporate and perform their therapeutic work throughout the day from the body heat.
  • For body rubbing, chamomile oil should be mixed with base oil. Add 10 to 12 drops of chamomile essential oil to 50 ml of oil (eg almond or camellia ) and use this mixture to massage the desired areas of the body: joints, muscles, back, lower abdomen, stomach area, sunburned skin (do not apply while the skin is very red and hot).
  • For deep relaxation and evening rituals, prepare the following mixture: 50 ml of plant oil + 5 drops of lavender + 5 drops of chamomile essential oil. Rub the body with this mixture in the evening, after bath or shower while the skin is still slightly moist. It is suitable for babies from birth and the whole family.
  • For baby belly massage, prepare a mixture of oils Happy Tummy: 50 ml of sweet almond oil + 5 drops of lavender + 5 drops of mandarin + 2 drops of chamomile essential oil. Massage the abdomen in a circular motion with the mixture, several times a day. Suitable for babies from birth and the whole family.
  • Make a legendary mixture Tooth Fairy if your baby is teething: add 4 – 5 drops of chamomile essential oil to 20 ml of sweet almond (or any other plant oil). Apply the mixture to the baby’s cheeks, neck, ears and chin every two hours. The skin must be clean: oils mixed with saliva can cause a sweaty rash. The mixture can be used for babies, children and adults.
  • Try aromatherapy rinse: add a few drops of chamomile essential oil to a teaspoon of table salt, dissolve the salt in a glass of warm water and rinse your throat and mouth several times a day.
  • You will quickly soothe itchy or irritated skin of the face and body by adding a few drops of pure chamomile essential oil to an odorless shower gel (facial cleanser) . To enhance the effect, you can add chamomile oil into the odorless body lotion, cream or oil and lubricate the whole body immediately after bathing in the bath or shower while the skin is still slightly moist. Attention! Add the essential oil to a single dose of the product, as the consistency of the product might change over the time.
  • If you got stung by a bee, hornet, or a wasp, apply pure chamomile essential oil directly to the bite.
  • The wonderfully fragrant chamomile bath pleasantly relaxes and helps you to fall asleep. Attention! Never add pure essential oil directly into the bath! Add the required amount of essential oil drop to half of a glass of milk or a teaspoon of plant oil and only then pour it into the bath.

Number of drops by age:

  • Infants 0 – 3 months – 1 drop of essential oil
  • Infants 3 – 6 months – 1 – 2 drops of essential oil
  • Babies 6 – 12 months – 1 – 3 drops of essential oil
  • Infants 12 – 36 months – 2 – 3 drops of essential oil
  • Children 3 – 7 years – 3 – 4 drops of essential oil
  • Children 7 – 12 years – 4 – 6 drops of essential oil
  • Young people and adults aged 12+ – 5 – 8 drops of essential oil

Chamomile essential oil comes to us from small family farms in Europe. Each bottle is touched by the hands of the wonderful Goddesses!


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