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aromáma Anti-acne serum Volcano Fighter 20ml VEGAN


Volcano Fighter is an astringent serum which contains tea tree and witch hazel flower waters, as well as the innovative ingredient ACNILYS. This acne-fighting and sebum-normalising skincare serum is specifically designed for oily, combination skin to improve, soothe, moisturise and give balance to impure, acne-prone skin.

How to use: apply a small amount on well-cleansed facial skin once or twice a day or apply it directly on acne/spots when needed. Feel free to use it on the back, décolleté and shoulders–anywhere acne or an unexpected spot comes up!

Dermatologically and microbiologically tested.

The recipe created by Giedre Velickiene, clinician, aromatherapist and loving mother. Made in the fragrant aromáma laboratory in Lithuania. Every single bottle is touched by our beautiful Goddesses’ hands.

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