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aromáma Aromatherapy room spray Clean Air Genius 100 ml VEGAN


The so-called aromáma calling card, which has become a classic aromatherapy spray, is one of our customers’ most popular choices in the cold season. The fresh, sparkling aroma spray with organic essential oils of tea tree, eucalyptus radiata and lemongrass perfectly cleanses and aromatizes indoor air. Intended for those who do not yet have an electric diffuser.

Warning! Not recommended for use around infants under 6 months of age! Use in moderation during pregnancy and only when needed.

Usage:  Spray ventilated spaces in the home, office, nursery group, or school classroom. For a standard size room (12-15 sq.m.) we recommend 5-7 sprays every two hours. Shake the bottle before use!

Want to make such a spray yourself? Add 25 drops of lemongrass, 10 drops of tea tree and 10 drops of eucalyptus radiata essential oil to a 100 ml dark glass bottle. Add water until the neck of the bottle starts to taper, screw in the nozzle. Shake the bottle, spray and enjoy!

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