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aromáma Essential oil blend Gentle Fluff 5 ml VEGAN


the gentle, mild and wonderful scent of essential oils with lavender, chamomile, lemon and eucalyptus staigeriana can be used to treat two problematic areas: hay fever or cold and flu for smaller children. The blend Gentle Fluff was created for those suffering from spring allergies, hay fever, chronic cough, nasal congestion, nocturnal dyspnea and endless runny nose issues. As well, the blend Gentle Fluff has anti-viral and antibacterial properties, which help to protect against colds and gently stimulate the immune system. This product is the best for helping ease those symptoms and could be used alongside your regular medication. The blend Gentle Fluff can be used from birth alongside the rest of the family! It is safe to use while pregnant and nursing.

How to use:

  • First aid for hay fever: inhale directly from the bottle or apply a few drops on a tissue and inhale. This will instantly ease your condition.
  • At the beginning of flowering season start using the blend Gentle Fluff in an essential oil diffuser. This will prevent the allergy from getting worse, make breathing easier, control the symptoms of the allergy and purify indoor air. During the day, evaporate 6-8 drops of this essential oil blend. During the night, use 3-4 drops to ensure the scent is not too strong and does not interfere with your sleep.
  • If you do not have essential oil diffuser, you can make your own spray: add 100ml of water and 50 drops of blend Gentle Fluff to a dark glass bottle, screw on the nozzle, vigorously shake the bottle. Spray the room 8-10 times every 2 hours. Shake before using each time.
  • Once you have any symptoms of an allergy during the springtime, a drop on your clothes (shoulder line, make sure essential oil does not go through to the skin), scarf or collar will help to ease symptoms as it will evaporate from the body heat. In the same way, you can help your children to protect themselves from viruses; all you need to do is to apply a drop on their shoulders before leaving the home.
  • Rub your feet with a drop of undiluted Gentle Fluff essential oil blend; it will stimulate the immune system and soothe your body.
  • Make your own natural soap! Add 20 drops of essential oil blend to 200ml of unscented soap. Shake the container well and enjoy!
  • Add 10 drops of essential oil blend to a water bucket, wipe all the surfaces in your house with a cloth soaked in this water and refresh your home with a lovely scent and extra cleanliness.
  • Enjoy an aromatherapy bath! Warm water will help the essential oils to evaporate, and it will help with hay fever, ease breathing, improve your overall wellbeing and stimulate your immune system.

Please note that essential oils are insoluble in water and you have to dilute them prior to adding into the bath. Add drops of the essential oil blend to a teaspoon of carrier oil (such as sweet almond) or half a glass of milk and pour all of it into the bath.

Number of drops by age:

0 to 3 months infants 1-2 drops

3 to 6 months babies 2-3 drops

6 to 12 months babies 2-4 drops

12 to 36 months babies 3-5 drops

4 to 7 year old children 4-6 drops

7 to 12 year old children 5- 8 drops

12+ teenagers and adults 6-10 drops

Warning! Before using the product, we recommend testing it on the skin for any allergic reactions such as rash, redness, itchiness etc. Apply a small amount on the skin on the inside of the forearm and observe.

EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Keep out of reach of children

The recipe was created by Giedre Velickiene, clinician, aromatherapist and loving mother. Made in the fragrant aromáma laboratory in Lithuania. Every single bottle is touched by our beautiful Goddesses’ hands

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