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aromáma Essential oil blend “Inspiration to be” 5ml


“To be” or “to have”? What type of people do you belong to? Are you the one who cares about earning, mastering and having as much as possible? Or the one that has enough of anything and the most important thing in life – to have fun? “To have” is good and really needed, but let’s not forget that the most beautiful things in our lives fit into the word “to be”. “To be” means to collect moments, not objects.

“Inspiration to be” is a silent manifesto, reminiscent of stopping at a moment of well-being and rejoicing in what you have. Enjoy yourself and your being in the present moment.

After inhaling this aroma, the nasal receptors are first greeted by childhood-like mandarin and summer-warm thyme. Shortly afterwards, temperamental rosemary appears. But only for a short time: it appears and disappears. And then with a free fall, but without any fear, we fall into a soft cedar cloud, where we are wrapped in a warm Friday blanket by an endlessly sweet cousin.

“Falling into my luscious earthy scent, she feels like a mother’s embrace: safe, unconditionally loved, and perfectly adequate. With all her flaws and strengths,” is the message of “Inspiration to Be .”

Ingredients: essential oils of mandarin, cedar, thyme, rosemary, kunzai.


  • Evaporate the essential oils in an evaporator as needed. During the day, add 6-8 drops of the essential oil mixture to the evaporator, in the evening and at night – 3-4.
  • Diluted with vegetable oil can be used for relaxing, passionate body massages and skin care. Add 10 to 12 drops of the mixture of essential oils to 50 ml of vegetable oil. Avoid contact with eyes and intimate areas.
  • Make perfume. Add 20 drops of the essential oil mixture to the ball applicator bottle, add the camellia oil until the neck narrows.
  • Prepare an aromatherapy bath. Add a few drops of the mixture of essential oils to a tablespoon of vegetable oil (camellia or sweet almond) or half a glass of milk and pour into warm bath water. Enjoy a divinely scented bath! Adults only!

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MARCH is a time to enjoy what you have.

“There are two types of people:‘ to be ’and‘ to have ’- Erich Fromm

The third blend of essential oils from the 2021 collection Inspiration . An aroma of absolute comfort and well-being. “Soft, warm, fluffy and cozy – like a Friday night on the couch, enveloped in a soft rug and fragrant tea steaming from a beautiful cup. there is nothing missing and everything is enough for me to smell like this: warm wood, spices and mandarins, “says the creator of the mixture Giedrė Veličkienė.

Not recommended for use during pregnancy and in children under 6 months. baby!

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