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aromáma Essential oil blend “Inspiration to share” 5ml


“We live from what we receive, but live life from what we give” – Sir Winston Churchill

The fourth blend of essential oils from the 2021 collection “Inspiration”, created from the experience that sharing with others makes you richer. “Generosity is the exchange of energy. You want to receive? You have to give. This is the indisputable law of the Universe. True generosity is impossible to play. It comes from within us. From inner and outer purity. From excess pure energy.” Inspiration to share “is sincere, unplayed , the aroma of generosity arising from within “- says the creator of the mixture Giedrė Veličkienė. The synergy intertwines notes of conifers, citrus and peppermint.

Not recommended for infants under 12 months!

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  • Evaporate the essential oils in an evaporator as needed. During the day, add 6 to 8 drops of the essential oil mixture to the evaporator. It is not recommended to evaporate the mixture late in the evening and at night, as it is rich in stimulating essential oils.
  • Make an aromatherapy spray: add 50 drops of the “Inspiration to Share” essential oil mixture to a dark glass bottle, add 100ml of chilled, boiled water, screw in the nozzle, shake and spray into the indoor air as an air freshener. Use as needed.

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