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aromáma Infused oil MONOI de Tahiti (Frangipani) 30ml


MONOI, produced in a traditional ancient way in French Polynesia, is an extremely exotic cosmetic product called the elixir of beauty for women in Tahiti. This remedy is very easy to apply – just a few drops of this fragrant oil miraculously restores the moisture of the skin and hair, softens, nourishes and gives a unique aroma. This type of MONOI is additionally fragrant with the intoxicating aroma of frangipani (yostra). Suitable for all skin and hair types, especially dry and sensitive skin, dry, frizzy, split hair. Exotic MONOI is widely used in the world for massages of adults, children and babies. The wonderful, floral aroma of gardenia MONOI has long been considered a powerful aphrodisiac.

INCI: Cocos Nucifera Oil, Gardenia Tahitensis Flower, Parfum, Tocopherol (vit. E).

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The word MONOI in Tahiti means “fragrant oil.” Producing an authentic MONOI requires patience and time. Gardenia flowers (gardenia tehitensis) are dipped in fresh, warm, liquid coconut oil for 21 days and changed to fresh daily until the gardenia is saturated with the best qualities and, of course, a wonderful floral aroma. Coconut oil is not allowed to harden (in the climate of French Polynesia, this is especially easy because coconut oil liquefies at 22-24 degrees) because only liquid and slightly warm oil “pulls” the wonderful aroma and other benefits from the fragile, exotic flowers. A little aroma fixative used in perfumery is then added to the fragrant coconut oil, which prevents the wonderful aroma from “evaporating” and changing, as well as the essential vitamin E, which inhibits oxidation processes and keeps MONOI maximally effective for at least 12 months. The aroma of gardenia MONOI is Divine: if you love floral aromas, because of MONOI you will definitely “melt”. This type of MONOI is additionally fragrant with the intoxicating aroma of frangipani (yostra).

Where is this exotic cosmetic used?

  • For face and body skin care, hair pampering, full body massages FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY. You’ll be amazed at how easy to apply and effective MONOI is! With just a few drops of this fragrant oil, you will nourish the skin all over your body, maybe you will use a little more of it on your hair (of course, it all depends on how your hair absorbs the oil).
  • You can use MONOI instead of face and décolleté cream. The fragrant oil nourishes and softens the skin. Spray copiously on the face and décolleté with hydrolate (flower water) and massage in a very small amount of MONOI.
  • MONOI for hair – a real miracle! If you’re afraid of oil masks for a potentially “aggravating” effect, MONOI will surely surprise you. The longer MONOI is applied to the hair, the easier it is to wash off. MONOI you can safely keep applied to your hair overnight – you will be perfectly nourished. Wash off with shampoo and conditioner in the morning.
  • For body care, we recommend using MONOI on damp skin, immediately after a bath or shower. Then the oil will be perfectly absorbed, will not leave a feeling of oiliness and stickiness on the surface of the skin. MONOI is suitable for the whole family, especially those with dry and sensitive skin.
  • MONOI is widely used all over the world for skin care and massage for babies and young children, so feel free to use it for babies as well. The tool is also very suitable for pregnant women! Feel free to use MONOI as a daily skin care product for the prevention of stretch marks (massage the abdomen, thighs, buttocks immediately after bathing).
  • MONOI is very suitable for massages. In this case it is necessary to apply it on dry (non-moisturized) skin, then the oil remains on the surface of the skin, slips easily, makes the work of the massager easier and is applied to the skin only over time.
  • The aromáma goddesses tried MONOI instead of lip balm, hand cream, hair end oil, nail cuticle and so on. It fits everywhere!

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