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aromáma Linden blossom absolute 2ml


A real aromatherapy gemstone from France, which can only be extracted by highly skilled perfumers. Expensive, rare and difficult to obtain, this absolute is valued for its intoxicatingly sweet, slightly pungent honey – pollen – floral aroma and abundant therapeutic properties. When you inhale the aroma of linden, you want to stop and enjoy the moment: it is the enchanting smell of summer and carefree days. In ancient cultures, the aroma of linden flowers was used to excite creative inspiration. It was believed that the smell of linden flowers clarified thoughts and promoted awareness.

(5ml bottle contains 2ml of linden blossom absolute!)

Warning! As not enough research has been done, we do not recommend the use of this absolute during pregnancy and lactation and in children under 3 years of age.

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Linden is a tree common in Europe. Whole alleys are planted here with these trees, and their intoxicating aroma attracts people. Linden has been valued in many cultures since ancient times, primarily for its particularly expressive taste and rich therapeutic properties of linden blossom tea and the highly nutritious linden honey considered to be a natural medicine. Linden tree leaves can be used as a gourmet foliage in salads. The wood is traditionally used for carvings, as well as for small, especially souvenir woodwork, hive and honeycomb production. In ancient cultures, cradles for little girls were made from linden wood.

Linden is the national tree of the Czech and Slovenians and one of the two national trees in Latvia. The oldest and thickest Linden in the world grows in Slovenia. It dates back over 700 years and its trunk circumference is 10.7m.

To experience the special powers of linden absolute, you can evaporate a drop of linden absolute in an diffuser , use it for body massage (prepare a mixture of 50 ml of plant oil and 3-4 drops of absolute), or to prepare aromatherapy bath – add a drop of absolute to a tablespoon of plant oil and add the mixture to warm bath water. Bathe for 10 – 15 minutes.

In addition to therapeutic aromatherapy, linden blossom absolute is quite often used in high-quality perfumery to bring aromatic depth into citrus, chypre and floral compositions. The magic aroma of honey and flowers goes well with the essential oils of bergamot , lemon , mandarin , orange , ylang – ylang , chamomile, gerannium , lavender , neroli .

Linden absolute is revealed in the mono perfume . If you love that aroma, you can make an oil perfume. Add 4 – 5 drops of linden absolute to a special bottle with a ball applicator, add camellia oil . All you have to do is swirl the bottle between the warm palms to mix the oils, lubricate the pulse areas and enjoy the exclusive, intoxicating aroma of summer!

Attention! The linden blossoms absolute can thicken or even harden over time. This is normal: it contains lots of wax. You can return the absolute to its former consistency by holding the bottle in a hot water bath.

Attention! Absolutes are much more concentrated than essential oils and have very strong aromatic and therapeutic properties, so they can be used only in very small quantities. Absolutes are thicker and more viscous than essential oils, so don’t be surprised that they are hard to drop from a bottle. We do NOT recommend using them pure, undiluted, directly on the skin.


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