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aromáma Neroli (orange blossom) essential oil 1ml


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Neroli essential oil is extracted from the bitter orange blossoms. It is an extremely luxurious and rare perfume ingredient that often plays an important role in niche perfume creations. One liter of Divine fragrant essential oil requires 1000 kg of hand-cut flowers! The aristocratic, refined and multifaceted neroli smells of bright greenery, white flowers and has a barely perceptible citrus note. Perfect with lavender , bergamot , lemon , grapefruit , orange , jasmine , rose , ylang-ylang , Japanese laurel essential oils. Used for the production of oily perfumes, enrichment of odorless cosmetics, relaxing massages, evaporation in the evaporator, as an aphrodisiac. Not recommended for pregnant women, safe during breastfeeding.


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