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aromáma oil blend for breast care Paradise Apples, 30ml


A blend of oils with a delicate aroma and velvety consistency for breast care. Contains real treasures: evening primrose, soy and calendula oils that take care of skin elasticity and are especially suitable for women, as well as phytoestrogen rich fennel, geranium, sage, ylang – ylang, and other esssential oils. Enriched with vitamin E. Nourishes the skin, increases its elasticity, helps preserve the beauty of the breasts! For breast massage. Ideal for use before menstruation, when the breasts become sensitive, during breastfeeding (especially late), when the goal is to preserve the beauty of the breasts during menopause. Not suitable for pregnant women! 

How to use: massage the required amount of elixir into the hydrated skin of the breast every evening. Allow 5 to 7 minutes for a gentle breast massage. Do not lubricate the nipples. 

During breast-feeding, we recommend that the product be used immediately after breastfeeding so that at least 2 hours have elapsed before the next feeding. Do not lubricate the nipples. Wash your breasts thoroughly with water before breastfeeding.  

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