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aromáma Oil blend for massage and rubbing Immune Shield 50ml


Oil blend Immune Shield was specifically designed for those who often get ill and live with the stereotype “two days in kindergarten/school, two weeks at home”. It is an immune stimulating aromatherapy blend that will not allow the immune system to fall asleep in hibernation and will gently stimulate it to be able to fight off colds. The Immune Shield blend is for full body massages and rubs. It contains the best essential oils of rosalina, thyme, eucalyptus staigeriana, myrtle and lemon, which are beneficial not only for the immune system but also for the respiratory system. The base of the blend is grape seed oil, which is light, non-greasy and fast absorbing. It is also enriched with vitamin E, which is beneficial for the skin.

How to use: you can use the blend to rub either the whole body or only the chest, back areas and foot soles after bathing or showering. For best results, do the procedure in the evening, before bedtime for three weeks every evening, then take a break for a week, and repeat the cycle again.

Suitable for children from the age of 12 months and the whole family! If you have a baby younger than 12 months old who catches colds and flu more than usual, feel free to use the blend from 6 months old although we do not think it is very necessary in regular circumstances. However, if you think it would be useful – you can use it earlier then the age of 12 months.

Warning! Before using the product, we recommend testing it on the skin for any allergic reactions such as rash, redness, itchiness, etc. Apply a small amount on the inside of the forearm and observe.

The recipe was created by Giedre Velickiene, clinician, aromatherapist and loving mother. Made in the fragrant aromáma laboratory in Lithuania. Every single bottle is touched by our beautiful Goddesses’ hands.


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