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aromáma Oil blend for women Goddess Demeter 50 ml VEGAN


A luxurious blend of ultra-rich oils will wrap every woman with care in every stage of her life: discomfort or bloating during PMS, sensitive breasts, irregular/painful menstruations, and menopause. The blend has the most feminine essential oils such as sage, rose, cananga, lavender, chamomile, which naturally have phytoestrogens – these are counterpart, plant-based female hormones. Therefore, the oil blend Goddess Demeter will awaken, stimulate and balance your unique feminine system. We recommend the blend for women who suffer with any kind of feminine matter. Aromatherapy is not a natural alternative and it is NOT a medical replacement. It is a supplement, which can be used by itself, or alongside any prescriptions you might need or have. Suitable for teenage girls and women of all ages.

Directions of use:

  • The blend Goddess Demeter is suitable for girls from the start of their first menstrual period: massage the lower abdominal area in a circular motion – it will help to reduce anxiety when the body is changing, relieve the pain, bloating and discomfort of menstrual cramps. Essential oils will gently but effectively balance the changing hormone system. Young girls should only be using the blend during the menstruation period, or daily – although do keep an eye on how the body responds.
  • In case of discomfort during ovulation, severe PMS or painful menstruation, massage the lower abdomen area twice a day from the 14th day of the cycle until the end of your period. Then take a break, and repeat the cycle again. Massage improves blood circulation, relieves spasms. Essential oils stimulate the female reproductive system. If you are suffering from breast pain, do use the blend and rub your breasts when sore. If you are in pain during the lactation period, or you want to encourage lactation, feel free to massage your breasts with the blend Goddess Demeter. DO NOT massage your nipples and aureole.
  • It is highly recommended to use the blend Goddess Demeter when planning to have a baby! It magically triggers the hormonal system. Thanks to its pleasant texture and alluring scent this blend can be used as a seductive massage or body care oil before a night of love – you will drive your partner crazy with your velvety skin and the most luxurious scents on the planet.
  • The oil blend can come in handy to promote labor, especially when the pregnancy is over due. Massage the lower abdominal area and lower back several times a day. The more massages and rubs you will do, the better: the body will stimulate and release the hormone oxytocin, which is known to accelerate labor. Important: do not use the blend Goddess Demeter earlier than 38 weeks of pregnancy, as it will encourage contractions.
  • During labor, ask your partner, midwife or Doula to rub the oil on your back, legs and abdominal area. It will reduce anxiety, pain and will take your mind away at least for a couple of minutes. Use it as often as every hour, or more depending on the intensity of contractions.
  • The blend Goddess Demeter is extremely useful after childbirth! Flower based essential oils are rich in phytoestrogens, they gently stimulate hormonal balance, which changes after birth, it also promotes lactation, helps the uterus to contract back to its normal size and wraps you in care which is so important after such a delicate time of your life! The oils in the blend nourish and firm your belly skin, which becomes loose after birth. Take a few minutes for yourself and massage your belly with the blend Goddess Demeter every day after a bath or shower. After a month, you will see a completely different image of yourself!
  • Childbirth and delivery itself is not an easy thing to go through, and your body might hurt straight after, so ask anyone who is with you at that time to rub all the painful body parts with the blend, it will soften muscular density, and help you to relax.
  • During menopause, use this oil blend everyday by applying it on your lower abdominal area or your whole body, for skin care too! It will help to reduce discomfort and challenges at this new stage in your life!

Important! To achieve the best results, at any age or stage in your life, it is important to use the product methodically and regularly.

The oil blend Goddess Demeter contains sweet almond oil, which is suitable for daily use for facial and body skin care and hair. The essential oils have a beneficial effect such as tightening and brightening, and preventing the formation of small wrinkles. For best results, we recommend to spray rose or neroli flower water on washed and clean face and décolleté areas and massaging a small amount of Goddess Demeter blend instead of your regular night cream. To pamper your body skin, massage the oil straight after the bath, on slightly damp skin.

Did you know that Goddess Demeter in Greek mythology is associated with fertility, childbirth and motherhood? Goddess Demeter is where it all begins. A mother that cares… She is often represented surrounded by the field of wheat because a sheaf of grain symbolizes fertility, harvest, productivity. Goddess Demeter lives in each of us, ladies! From the very first time when we accept our femininity, when we start to think of the option of becoming a mother, and our natural path to create, give birth, grow and take care of everyone.

Warning! Before using, we recommend testing it on the skin for any allergic reactions such as rash, redness, itchiness etc. Apply a small amount on the inside of the forearm and observe.

The recipe was created by Giedre Velickiene, clinician, aromatherapist and loving mother. Made in the fragrant aromáma laboratory in Lithuania. Every single bottle is touched by our beautiful Goddesses’ hands.

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