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aromáma White Grapefruit Pure Essential oil 5ml


There is no other other essential oil that would appeal to all people without exception! The aroma of grapefruit is one of the few socially acceptable scents, especially suitable for steaming in public spaces, where many people with different tastes gather. Sunny, freshly citrusy, with a barely perceptible bitter spice, white grapefruit essential oil smells exceptionally pleasant! Perfectly cleans the air and improves mood! Grapefruit essential oil goes well with lemon , orange , neroli, lavender , peppermint , rosemary , bergamot , ylang – ylang , fir essential oils. You can use this essential oil safely with babies (evaporator and house cleaning) from 6 months of age. Safe during pregnancy and lactation.

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aroma grapefruit essential oil is liked by everyone without exception, this oil is usually chosen when choosing a fragrant gift when the donor wants to be sure to please the recipient. The aroma of grapefruit is one of the few socially acceptable scents – which means we recommend evaporating this oil in offices, common areas or during mass events, where many different people with their own tastes gather. Grapefruit is likely to please everyone.

What is that universal grapefruit flavor? Sunny, freshly citrusy, with a barely noticeable bitter spice. Probably because of this pleasant, mood – and appetite – enhancing aroma, grapefruit is called Citrus Paradisi citrus in Latin. And really: spreading the aroma of grapefruit floods the spaces with thoughts of pleasant summer days, holidays and a carefree life! That is why the aroma of grapefruit is widely used in fragrance marketing – it smells of travel agencies, leisure, relaxation spaces, etc.

Grapefruit essential oil – a real cartridge for a good mood! Like many other citrus oils, aromatherapists laugh at grapefruit with liquefied sunlight. Why? When ripened, citrus fruits absorb a ton of sunlight and energy, so it’s no surprise that essential oils extracted from citrus peels provide energy and fill the house with coziness and special mood – they are especially suitable for steaming in the cold season, when there is a lack of sunlight and heat. Grapefruit oil is highly recommended for people who work hard, are under constant stress, and are constantly overworked. The aroma of grapefruit balances emotions and helps to recover from heavy workloads. Also, grapefruit oil is irreplaceable for intensely athletic, slimming, who want to have supple and radiant skin of the face and body.

Uses and possibilities:

  • Evaporate grapefruit essential oil on an electric evaporator . Add 6-8 drops of essential oil to the evaporator during the day, 3 – 4 drops in the evening and be sure to mix with “calmer”, non-toning essential oils: bergamot , mandarin , lavender . Steaming grapefruit essential oil at night is not recommended as it tones, activates and can adversely affect sleep quality.
  • Grapefruit oil is highly recommended for steaming in the morning, especially for those who find it difficult to wake up and start the day. Some aromatherapy synergies for the evaporator tested by the aromáma team:

Grapefruit (6 drops) + Ylang-Ylang (2 drops);

Grapefruit (5 drops) + fir (3 drops);

Grapefruit (5 drops) + peppermint (3 drops).

  • If you don’t have an essential oil vaporizer , you can make a wonderful-scented spray to flavor your indoor air! Add 50 drops of grapefruit essential oil to a 100 ml dark glass bottle , add water until the bottle begins to taper, screw in the nozzle, shake and spray indoors as needed. The amazingly refreshing spray synergy comes from 15 drops of peppermint essential oil and 35 drops of white grapefruit essential oil – give it a try, you’ll love it!
  • Give your home a unique aroma and extra cleanliness! In a bucket of water with which you plan to clean the floor and furniture, add 10 drops of PURE grapefruit essential oil, dampen a cloth and clean the surfaces.
  • Make a wonderful scented hand soap that will especially appeal to young children! Add 20 drops of PURE grapefruit essential oil to 200 ml of odorless liquid soap and shake the bottle well to distribute the essential oil evenly in the soap base.
  • Create a wonderful aroma, toning, detoxifying and skin firming massage oil for body treatments. Recipe: 50 ml of sweet almond oil + 12 drops of grapefruit essential oil.
  • Athletes benefit from a massage mixture after intense workouts: 50 ml of vegetable oil + 5 drops of grapefruit + 5 drops of pine + 5 drops of lavender essential oil. Rub strained areas of the body several times a day.
  • For slimming, firming, anti-cellulite body treatments, mix grapefruit essential oil with rosemary. 50 ml of vegetable oil (eg sweet almonds ) + 20 drops of rosemary essential oil + 20 drops of grapefruit essential oil. Vigorously massage the problem areas of the body once a day immediately after a bath or shower, while the skin is still slightly moist. NOT SUITABLE FOR WAITING!
  • Grapefruit oil is very suitable for oily skin and hair. To regulate the secretion of sebum, we recommend adding a few drops of pure grapefruit oil to the face or body wash, shampoo. We recommend adding the essential oils to a single amount of the product, because adding them to the entire container can change the usual consistency of the product in the long run!
  • Prepare a whitening and firming oil for facial skin care: 50 ml of camellia oil + 5 drops of ylang – ylang + 7 drops of grapefruit essential oil. Spray the skin abundantly with hydrosole (flower water) and massage the oil into the skin of the face and décolleté. This procedure is especially recommended in winter and early spring, when the skin is gray, losing vitality.
  • Prepare a detoxifying, skin-firming and mood-enhancing aromatherapy bath with grapefruit essential oil. Attention! Never drip pure, undiluted essential oils directly into the bath water! Essential oils are insoluble in water, so they must be diluted! Add 5 to 8 drops of grapefruit essential oil to a teaspoon of plant oil (such as sweet almonds or camellias) and pour this oil mixture into the bath. We do not recommend bathing in the grapefruit bath for children and people with sensitive skin.
  • Warning! We recommend storing grapefruit essential oil in a dark, cool place because, like all citrus essential oils, when stored under the wrong conditions, this oil oxidizes quickly!
  • Warning! Grapefruit essential oil can increase the sensitivity of the skin to UV radiation. It is not recommended to be in the sun for at least 12 hours after any skin treatment with this oil. (unless the areas of skin smeared with grapefruit oil are covered)

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