Ecological BALANCE cleaner for various kitchen surfaces and fridges, 450 ml.


Suitable for cleaning of various washable kitchen surfaces and household appliances. Thanks to a natural active substance—baking soda, the cleaner effectively dissolves grease, removes various types of dirt and neutralizes undesirable odors. It contains ethyl alcohol that has disinfectant properties, and the cleaned surfaces dry faster, leaving no streaks or fingerprints. Suitable for fridge cleaning—a special formula helps to remove a thin ice coating that is formed inside a fridge.


The cleaner is safe to use near food. Gentle on hands. Allergen-free: contains no dyes and fragrances. The phosphate-free formula rapidly biodegrades in the environment.


Ingredients: <5% sodium hydrocarbonate (baking soda), <5% non-ionic surfactants, ethanol.


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