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BALANCE Organic Laundry pods for color and white fabric 20pcs


BALANCE ecological laundry pods for colours and whites, 20 pcs.

Concentrated washing agent in the convenient capsule form. Due to its modern 2in1 formula, it is highly effective in removing tough stains and protecting the fabric. The capsules do not contain harmful substances such as: formaldehyde, reactive chlorine compounds, EDTA, nanoparticles of silver, microplastics.


Easily decomposes biologically in the environment. Contains no colourants, perfumes and preservatives. Recommended for washing clothing of children and people with sensitive skin. Effectively washes all types of coloured and white fabric at 30-60°C temperature. Suitable for washing of all types of coloured and white fabrics except wool and silk.

Ingredients: 15–30 % anionic surfactans, 15-30 % non-ionic surfactants, <5 % phosphonates, enzymes.

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