Biržų Duona bread granola with agave syrup, 300g


Bread crumbs caramelized for a second chance at life in a crispy swirl of oats, almonds and seeds. Nibble on its own, with milk or your favourite yogurt!

  • handmade
  • with butter
Weight 0.3 kg
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INGREDIENTS: Bread crumbs 26% (water, WHEAT FLOUR (EU), RYE FLOUR (EU), sugar, malt extract (water, sprouted BARLEY, BARLEY malt, sprouted roasted BARLEY), yeast, iodized salt, cumin, enzymes (WHEAT) malt), OAT FLAKES, agave syrup 17%, sunflower seeds, ALMOND shavings, pumpkin seeds, BUTTER.
May contain: traces of sesame seeds, peanuts, soybeans and their products.


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