DELIKATESAS hot smoed “Skonio kalvė“ sausages, 300g / Store collection only


Shelf life in days: ~20
Storage conditions: 0-(+15)°C

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Discover the delicacies of „Delikatesas“

Should you ask us what is required to make a delicacy, we would answer you as follows: one needs to collect qualified specialists, use the highest-quality products, create exceptional recipes and consistently follow the established production processes. Furthermore, one also needs “spices”, such as long-term experience, operation traditions and, what is most important, love for your own work. We think that it does not take much when one works with love, follows old and honourable traditions and works honestly; it does not take long to reach the highest quality results as long as one follows professional ethics.

ŽŪB “Delikatesas” agricultural company, the producer of the highest quality meat products, is one of the earliest established meat processing companies in Northern Lithuania. Joniškis land, where “Delikatesas” is established, is already for a long time famous for its meat processing traditions; written sources reveal that a meat processing workshop was operating in Joniškis since 1937. The company name changed over time; however, its main activity has remained the same. The majority of products included in our range are produced following long and carefully created unique recipes, maintained by our company employees working in the company for many years.

The range of “Delikatesas” products is especially varied. The majority of products are made of high-quality unfrozen raw materials. We offer our customers a variety of products made both of the usual and more rare and exclusive sorts of meat, such as venison or horsemeat. It is important to mention that our products are exclusive by one more aspect – they include natural spices and additives. We do not use any impermissible additives and endeavour to make our products with only natural additives. By working thoroughly and patiently for many years, ŽŪB “Delikatesas” has gained the acknowledgement and trust of its customers, which is many. We appreciate this trust, therefore we carry out the production, packaging and labelling of our products in a very honest and accurate manner – we specify the sort, composition of the product as well as the amount of ingredients used in percent.

We are proud to present to you the products of “Delikatesas”. You will be able to see for yourself that every product we offer is a real hand-crafted chef-d’oeuvre, distinguishing from other meat products by perfectly fine taste, quality, aroma and looks. Let yourself enjoy the delicacies of “Delikatesas”.


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