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Dried pear slices, 100 g. / VEGAN


In ancient times, pears were considered the food of the gods, and European kings grew them in their gardens, apparently to bring them closer to the gods. Or was it just a mania for greatness? Of course, running a state is a tedious job, and pears are a great way to eliminate fatigue. The fructose in these fruits is absorbed by the body and converted into energy. In addition, pears improve brain function, help concentrate, improve mood.

Pears are extremely high in fiber, which has a positive effect on the digestive tract, so it is suitable for slimming. In addition, it is rich in zinc, which is needed to have beautiful skin and hair. And what kind of queen wouldn’t want to be slender and beautiful?

Dried pears are a perfect snack for sweet tooths. By the order of the king, enjoy in moderation.

Hand-cut pear slices – great memory of last summer.

Ingredients: 100% pear.

Energy per 100g: 262 kcal

Product of Lithuanian national heritage.

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