EKOFRISA Organic Buckwheat Bar with Beetroot and Carrot, 30g / Best before 17.01.2024


Introducing the new organic buckwheat bar “Nature’s element”. This bar is an ideal snack for athletes, for those who enjoy active leisure and care about nutrition. The bar contains no less than 54% buckwheat. Green buckwheat has all the essential amino acids and rutin that is especially needed to prevent cardiac diseases. This bar is a energy-boosting snack for an active day.

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Ingredients: buckwheat* 54%, date paste*, rice syrup*, dried carrots* 3%, dried beetroot* 3%, dried blackcurrant*, natural aroma: banana.

*- organic product. Contains no allergens.

                – Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.


Nutritional value 1 portion (30g.): 110 kcal. (5,5% RDV), fats 0,6 g. (0,9% RDV), of which saturated 0,1 g. (0,6% RDV), carbohydrates 22,8 g. (8,8% RDV), of which sugars 9,3 g. (10,3% RDV), fiber 1,3 g., protein 2,6 g. (5,3% RDV), salt 0,02 g. (0,3% RDV).

Nutritional value (100g.): 367 kcal., fats 2,0 g., of which saturated 0,6 g., carbohydrates 76,0 g., of which sugars 31,0 g., fiber 4,3 g., protein 8,8 g., salt 0,06 g.


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