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EPBAR Protein balls with coconut, 176g


Coconut protein balls – a functional product of exceptional taste. Covered in dark chocolate, the balls are filled with luxurious macadamia nuts, coconut cream and additionally enriched with protein.

We created these protein balls by hand, lightly sweetened them with honey and added the highest quality whey protein. And to make it look particularly tempting, we covered it over dark chocolate. So this delicacy will go well with a cup of coffee or tea. The dark chocolate is pleasantly crunchy when you bite into it, the palate is greeted by a seductively gentle duo of coconut cream and macadamia nuts, and the tongue enjoys a rich, pleasant sweetness. And the body is gradually receiving energy! This means that the temptation to grab inferior sweets will be greatly reduced.

Saturated and nutritious, these protein bombs will change your approach to coconut – try it today!

Ingredients: coconut cream 43.6%, dark chocolate 22.7% (cocoa mass, sweetener maltitol, cocoa butter, emulsifiers sunflower lecithin, polyglycerol polyricinoleate, vanillin flavor), whey protein, macadamia nut butter 13.1%, honey. The product may contain traces of other nuts. The product contains natural sugars.

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Nutritional and energy value per 100 g of product:

558 Kcal / 2335 kJ

Protein 20.7 g,

Fat 43.2 g,

of which saturated acids 30.6 g,

Carbohydrates 19.6 g,

of which sugars 8.1 g

of which polyols 8.7g,

Fiber 11.9 g,

Salt 0.05 g.

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