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Genutės Uogainė organic sea buckthorn syrup 300ml


Natural sea buckthorn syrup, perfect for teas, but also great for flavouring yogurt, curd, pancakes, porridge and so on.

A great idea for ​​a delicious gift of vitamins for winter, for the immune system, and for warm winter evenings to strengthen your immunity.

This natural sea buckthorn syrup made from Lithuanian organic berries is a great source of vitamins both in winter and summer – there is no need for a better immune system strengthening program. Especially for those who like sweet sea buckthorn tea!

Sea buckthorn berries are especially valued for their rich spectrum of useful substances. They are especially rich in vitamin C.
Sea buckthorn fruits, juices and products from them are a reliable preventive and curative remedy for avitaminosis. The fruits have many enzymes that strengthen the immune system.

INGREDIENTS : sea buckthorn, organic sugar (country of origin – EU agriculture).

STORAGE CONDITIONS : Store in a dry place, at a temperature of +5 – +25 ° C.

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