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Kava96 Coffee beans Colombia Excelso, 900g


Coffee with balanced acidity and mild sweetness with a noticeable citrus, caramel aftertaste. Especially appreciated for its memorable, pleasant and mild aroma.

Coffee beans:  100% Arabica

Appreciated for the unique acidity properties of coffee from coffee berries grown at an altitude of 1200 – 2000 meters on the slopes of the Andes. Slightly stronger than average roasted beans allow a balance between acidity and mild sweetness, giving the drink a harmonious, velvety taste.

Country of origin: Colombia

Region: Central Cordillera, Viejo de Caldas.

Farm height: Andean mountains, 1200/2000 meters.

Roasting: ***

Acidity: ****

Intensity: 6/8

Color: 63.5, medium light

Rich in its acidity and its hues, a bright sensation in the mouth, a special aroma with notes of sweet citrus fruits.

900 g

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