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MALSENA Wholegrain rye flour, 1 kg


The flour is milled with millstones and is made according to the ancient traditions from carefully selected rye, grown in fields of Lithuanian farmers cherishing traditional agriculture. It is a kind of ancestors heritage  – from the time when flour was worshiped and valued for the given taste and aroma to home made bread.

Wholegrain coarsely milled rye flour, rich with bran (natural fibre materials), is distinguished not only by peculiar taste properties, but it preserves all vitamins and minerals, containing in rye. Traditional Lithuanian rye bread is baked exactly from such flour.

This product is labelled with the Keyhole symbol. Products marked with the Keyhole symbol contain significantly less saturated fat, sugar salt and more dietary fibre.

Made in Lithuania

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Rye flour
Ingredients: cereals containing gluten
Storage conditions
Store in a dry, cool place. Storage temperature range: from 15°C to 25°C.

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