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NAMIKO Buckwheat fermented drink concentrate, 1L


Saturated with live good bacteria.

Ingredients: drinking water, organic buckwheat , cultures of biologically active lactose and bifidobacteria.

For the first 2 weeks take one teaspoon with a glass of water before each meal: breakfast, lunch, dinner. After 2 weeks just add the undiluted concentrate to any (preferably plant based) food (porridge, soup, salad). If you are unable to add it to food, for example, you eat a toast, then make a probiotic drink: add one teaspoon of concentrate to a glass of water or juice (up to 40 degrees C) , stir and drink with food.

In the long run, probiotic products can be used individually according to taste and the needs of the body.

* Pour the concentrate into cooked dishes when the food has cooled down.

* It is recommended to add the concentrate to raw foods (smoothies, salads, etc.) in advance and allow the food to ferment.

It is recommended to use within 45 days of opening the bottle.

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