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Probiotic naturally fermented carbonated Sea buckthorn drink, 330ml


Ingredients: Sea buckthorn berries, sea buckthorn leaves, ceylon cynamon, ginger, probiotics,water.

No flavourings, sweeteners, preservatives or GMO.

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Nutritional value of 100ml of product

Energetic value kcal/ 100g 6
Energetic value kj/ 100g 25
Fats g/ 100g 0,2
Of which polyunsaturated fatty acids g/ 100g 0,081
Carbs g/ 100g 0,9
of which sugars g/ 100g <0,6
Proteins g/ 100g 0,1
Salt Na g/ 100g 0,004
Live bacteria CFU*/ 1g 1
Bifido bacteria 8*105
Mesophilic lactic acid bacteria 6.1*105
Vitamin В1, mg/ 100ml 2,24±0,09
Vitamin B2, mg/ 100ml 4,91±0,43
Витамин B3, mg/ 100ml 0,23±0,03
Витамин B6, mg/ 100ml 9,17±0,80
Витамин E, mg/ 100ml 0,08±0,01
Витамин D, mg/ 100ml 0,36±0,05
Витамин C, mg/ 100ml 54,15±2,2
Мg, mg/ 100ml 5,24±0,4
Fe, mg/ 100ml 1,15±0,2
Ca, mg/ 100ml 84,15±10,2
Cu mg / 100ml 0,85±0,2
Zn, mg/ 100ml 0,05±0,01
K mg/kg / 100ml 456

*CFU –colony forming units

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