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Prolivin naturally fermented food supplement 300ML


Prolivin – a naturally fermented drink of herbs, plants and vegetables, is one of the products of FitoGlobe. Special natural fermentation technology ensures the effectiveness of living microorganisms, the special composition improves health and well-being as effectively as possible. The product does not contain genetically modified ingredients and is suitable for people with diabetes. Natural complex for your quality of life: Maintains good digestion, strengthens immunity, strong antioxidant, excellent source of energy. Natural, not genetically modified. Without casein. Gluten free.

Nutritional value per 30ml:

Potassium 95.1 mg / RMV 4.8%.

Polyphenols 30.9 mg.

Vitamin C 9.67mg / RMV 12.09%.

Vitamin B6 2.62mg / RMV 186.8%.

Vitamin B2 1.57 / RMV112.08%.

Magnesium 1.44 mg / RMV 0.38%.

Vitamin B1.0,285mg / RMV25.9%.

Vitamin B3 0.26 mg / RMV 1.64%.

The amino acid proline is 0.24 mg.

Carotenoids 0.05mg.

Vitamin E 0.03mg / RMV 0.25%.

Zinc 0.0102mg / RMV 0.10%.

Vitamin K 9.5μg / RMV12.66%.

Vitamin D 0.15μg / RMV3% Effective microorganisms 240 * 106.

The recommended daily dose is 30ml. 15 ml twice a day – morning and evening.

Net quantity 300ml.

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