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RŪTA Chocolate set “Vilnius”, 210g


Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania, a city of great history and wonderful nature. Vilnius, celebrating its 700th anniversary, is full of living legends, the bustle of the streets of the old town, gourmet smells and personalities. It was these elements that became the main inspiration for the creation of a set of chocolates “Vilnius”.
The set includes 6 different types of chocolates with the following fillings:

  • mango puree and milk chocolate cream flavored with saffron
  • white chocolate and prunes
  • beer
  • hazelnut cream with hazelnuts
  • pistachios
  • white chocolate and prunes

Also 4 different types of chocolate bars:

  • dark
  • milk
  • Ruby
  • white
  • round pieces of white chocolate with the name of the city.

Recyclable packaging was used in the creation of the “Vilnius” chocolate set – sweet boxes and chocolate wrappers are made of paper, and sweet molds are made of recycled cocoa shells.
Another feature of the boxes is that they are adapted for the visually impaired and the blind. The names are also printed in Braille on the lid of each candy set.

  • Exclusively designed boxes for the city of Vilnius.
  • Total in the set: 11 chocolate sweets and 13 pieces of chocolate.
  • On the inside of the box you will find information about the most visited objects of the city.
  • The boxes are suitable for the visually impaired and the blind: the name of the candy set is written in Braille.

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