ŠamŪkis Catfish appetizer with champignons and dried porcini mushrooms, 190g


A nutritious snack of catfish grown in Lithuania, the taste of both mushrooms and smoked fish feels good. The product is ready for consumption.

  • It’s a great snack for anyone hungry – just scoop it with a spoon, spread it over your favorite bread, crisps or a slice of vegetables. The product is heat-treated, preservative-free, gluten-free, GMO-free.
  • The product is marked with the “Green keyhole” sign.
  • The catfish was bred and made in Lithuania on the family farm ŠamŪkis. They grow their fish in mineral well water filtered through the soil layers, the fish is fed with certified organic feed without GMO, antibiotics, hormones.

Ingredients: hot smoked African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) fillet (salt) 50%, champignons 18%, boletus 13.5%, onions, rapeseed oil, salt, pepper.

Nutrition per 100 g: energy value in kJ / kcal 770/185; fat g 14.1; of which 2.7 g of saturated fatty acids; carbohydrates g 3.2; of which sugars g 1,2; protein g 11.4; salt g 1.0

Store at 0oC to + 25oC. Best before: the date is on the cover.
Once opened, store cold and use within 2 days.

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By choosing ŠamŪkis products:
– you contribute to the protection of the environment;
– replenish natural vitamin D (catfish is rich in vitamin D),
– replenish natural calcium (63.5 mg of calcium per 100 g of catfish meat),
– eat healthier foods without added preservatives and containing less fat, sugar, salt and more nutrients than in other products of the same group
– you contribute to the creation and preservation of jobs in the Lithuanian province.


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