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UNICO Clay for the skin, 50g


Excess skin moisture endangers health and comfort. Unico clay preparation for the skin is a natural product that effectively absorbs moisture, restores the acidic environment of the skin surface, protects against the growth of bacteria and fungi, and helps to take care of the sensitive skin of babies or adults.

Unico clay preparation consists of:

  • Premium clay colloid. It is a natural gift of nature, the useful properties of which have been valued since ancient Roman times.
  • Zinc undecylenate and zinc oxide. These substances help to restore a healthy acidic surface of the skin. This prevents harmful bacteria and fungi from breeding.

The preparation does not contain talc. Dermatologically tested.

Made in Italy.

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Pour in and distribute the mixture evenly in the desired place:

  • on irritated baby’s armpits, changing diapers – on the intimate area; ,
  • on the feet, in between the toes – this will prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi, absorb sweat.


Store in a dry place at a temperature of 5 to 25 ° C. Keep away from heat and direct sunlight. The product retains its properties only when properly stored in undamaged packaging. Keep the product in the original package. Do not store near volatile or flammable substances such as ammonia, gasoline, acetone.

It is recommended to use within 6 months from the opening day.


Zea mays starch, Magnesium Stearate, Kaolin, Zinc Undecylenate, Parfum.

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