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WINIARY Kaszotto Pearl barley with mushroom


Pearl barley with mushroom sauce from Winiary brand is not only a delicious meal but also very nutritious. The product contains the highest quality dried mushrooms as well as herbs and spices.

Pearl barley dish with delicious mushroom sauce, can be prepared in just a few simple steps, which will not take more than 40 minutes. It is a great idea for a delicious dish for the whole family. Can be served as a main or side dish.

Why is  Winiary Pearl Barley dish a good choice?

  • A balanced and tasty meal for the whole family
  • A way to make a tasty meal based on porridge
  • Simple composition
  • Quick and easy to prepare
  • inspirations straight from the market
  • pearl barley with mushroom sauce


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Ingredients: Pearl barley

May contain celery.

Mushroom sauce: dried mushrooms 19.3% (Slipper jack 16.7%, champignon 1.6%,  boletus 1.0%), corn starch, salt, wheat flour, cream powder (from milk), sugar,  flavours (with wheat), dried garlic 2.8%, concentrated mushroom sauce 2.5%, herbs 2.1% (parsley leaves, rosemary), spices (black pepper, bay leaf), sunflower oil,  yeast extract.

May contain eggs, celery, soy, mustard seeds.

Nutritional values

Nutritional value after preparation per 100 g in 1 serving (approx. 313 g) % RWS in 1 serving in 100g of the product before preparation
Energy value 89 kcal 279 kcal 14% 314 kcal
Protein 5.0 g 15.7 g 31% 11.9 g
Carbohydrates 12.5 g 39.1 g 15% 50.4 g
including sugar 0.5 g 1.6 g 2% 9.2 g
Fats 1.9 g 5.9 g 8% 6.2 g
including saturated 1.1 g 3.4 g 17% 4.0 g
Fiber 1.0 g 3.1 g 4.7 g
Salt 0.48 g 1.5 g 25% 17.9 g

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