Zein Pharma Vitamin D3 Drops For Kids 400IU, 10 ml.


Indispensable for growth and development as well as the immune system and defences
High-purity and natural vitamin D3 in units suitable for children
Dissolved in high-quality MTC oil for easy ingestion and high bioavailability
100% natural vitamin D3 from lanolin (wool wax) of premium quality
Based on high-quality MCT oil from coconuts: Tasteless and purely vegetarian

For vitamin D3 to be absorbed by the body and thus develop its full effect for the immune system and defences, for muscles and bones, for growth and development, a sufficient supply of magnesium is vital. Only when the magnesium level is right is the body able to convert vitamin D3 into the active form. But vitamin D is also an important antagonist for magnesium: It is able to promote the absorption of magnesium in the intestine.
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