AC Hawthorn for the heart, 45 Hard capsules / Best before 09.2024

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Unique concept hawthorn extract capsules with microgranules inside.

Food supplement with sweetener. 45 hard capsules.

For the heart and blood vessels

  • Hawthorn can help maintain the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system.
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Microbeads are small spheres ranging in size from 200 μm to 1 mm, composed of:

  • Inert core, which consists of inert technological ingredients, e.g. xylitol and cellulose, whose function is to support the active ingredients.
  • The active layer is attached to the supporting core using a specific polymer.
  • A coating/coating that allows control and modulation of pharmacokinetics and provides protection to the active ingredient(s).

The main advantages of microgranules:

  • Maximizes absorption of the active ingredient.
  • Ensures effectiveness and bioavailability (bioavailability).
  •  More convenient use – due to greater biological absorption, it is enough to use less often – 1-2 capsules per day to achieve the maximum effect.

Ingredients: dry extract of leaves and flowers of Crateagus monogyna , filler cellulose, capsule shell material pullulan, glazing material shellac, sweetener xylitol.

Nutrients 1 capsule *RMV 2 capsules *RMV
Dry extract of hawthorn leaves and flowers containing:

– flavonoids (3%)

200 mg


– 6 mg


400 mg


– 12 mg


*RMV – reference nutritional value


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