AC ŠIMKŪNAITĖ Tea for the liver, 70g


Herbal tea according to herbalist Dr. Eugenija Šimkūnaitė’s recipes

A combination of 7 herbs: Turmeric grass, Fenugreek herb, Chicory roots, Dandelion roots, Marigold flowers, Flowers of sandy slush, Coriander fruit

  • Calendula flowers, dandelion roots, chicory roots, and sandalwood can help maintain normal liver function.
  • Fenugreek, coriander fruit can help support the digestive system.
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Eugenija Šimkūnaitė (1920-1996), a habilitated doctor of biological sciences, accumulated not only great ethnocultural and intellectual wealth for Lithuania with her life and activities, but also left an indelible impression on the people she came in contact with and formed a unique image of herself as a popular journalist. Drinking “Dr. Šimkūnaitė” line tea, experience the magical harmony of seven different herbs and feel the benefits of phytotherapy for your body.

By purchasing this tea, you are contributing to the support of Eugenija Šimkūnaitė’s charity and support fund.

Ingredients: fermented hawthorn ( Epilobium angustifolium ) leaves 20%, yarrow ( Polygonum aviculare ) grass 20%, chicory (Cichory) roots ( Cichorium intybus ) 20%, dandelion ( Taraxacum officinale ) roots 10%, calendula ( Calendula officinalis ) ) flowers 10%, Helichrysum arenarium flowers 10%, Coriandrum sativum fruits 10%.


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