ACORUS Baby shower tea assortment, 60 teabags


Baby Shower party tea set consists of 6 different teas – all of them created especially for mother and future baby. All-natural herbal ingredients will assure that the mother and her baby will feel well during the pregnancy period and after a baby is born. Easy to understand blend names have active herbal ingredients that have a positive effect on mother’s and child’s health and that is the most important thing that we could wish and give as a gift for them.
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  • 60 NATURAL HERBAL TEA BAGS IN ONE SELECTED TEA SAMPLER. There is nothing more important and extraordinary than childbirth in a family’s life. It brings enormous happiness, responsibility and lots of new emotions in mother’s and father’s life. At this exciting time are a lot of new first experiences and every single help is so much needed. That‘s why we created tea set that is convenient solutions to most common difficulties.
  • UNIQUE TEA BOX WITH BENEFITS FOR HEALTH. In this tea assortment we assembled 6 different functional teas- relaxed mommy (with relaxing features), healthy baby (can maintain immune system), magical night (can help nervous system function), easy pregnancy (can boost energy levels), tummy‘s secrets (can maintain normal function of babies alimentary tract), lactus strong (for breastfeeding mothers).
  • 6 FUNCTIONAL TEA BAG ASSORTMENT FOR MOMS AND BABIES. This herbal tea hamper contains effective herbal teas, each with different issue to cover or solve. We also included comprehensive descriptions about each tea in this box, just to have all the helpful information in reach. Our 100% natural tea set is free from artificial additives, colourants, or flavour enhancers, it’s made to be effective and helpful for well-being.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY HERBAL TEA SELECTION. Our gourmet teas uphold the highest EU quality standards. Applying the latest technology, our teabags contain no metal elements or glue, allowing you to taste the full spectrum of the tea leaves’ flavour. Technology used in a production process allows us to content full flavour and aroma pallet of all tea bag ingredients.


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