Biržų Duona Gluten-free oat bread, 210g


Oatmeal bread is made from gluten-free oat flakes, rice flour and enriched with sunflower and flax seeds. Balanced light, gluten-free and rich in fiber, with a taste similar to regular bread.
  • without hydrogenated fat
  • without wheat flour
  • formed by hand
  • suitable for school and kindergarten
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Ingredients: mixture for making gluten-free oat bread (EU) (Gluten-free OAT flakes 20%, rice flour, sunflower kernels, flax seeds, dry yeast (ground rice products, starter culture), plantain seed husks, caramel, acidity regulator: E262, maltodextrin), water, iodized salt, yeast, preservative: calcium propionate.
May contain: traces of SESAME SEEDS, PEANUTS, NUTS, EGGS, MILK, SOYBEANS and their products.

QUALITY GUARANTEE: Our gluten-free products are baked with gluten-free ingredients. Suppliers ensure the quality of raw materials, and we, having a separate workshop adapted to the production of this type of product, avoid cross-contamination and ensure product safety. Compliance with the quality criteria of gluten-free products is constantly checked at the Food Research Institute of the Kaunas University of Technology.

By the way, a few gastronomic tips. Bread will stay fresh longer by keeping it in the refrigerator. To eat, cut a slice of the desired size and heat it in the oven sprinkled with olive oil. Is the bread stale? Are you planning to go out and have a loaf of bread left at home? Never mind! Place on the grill and let it dry naturally or turn on the heat and bake for 20 – 30 minutes until you get crispy snack slices!


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