GREENZ Fruit & Nut balls with cherries, by weight, 100 g VEGAN


Keeping up with the increasingly fast pace of life and the consumers’ needs for fast and nutritious food, Chocolate factory Rūta, has created GREENZ – a new range of products made from fruit that are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

GREENZ with cherries are defined by a sweet-and-sour flavor, which blends with banana sweetness and apple freshness. Cashew nuts make it a truly royal delicacy. Sweets are covered with chocolate, containing 96 % dry cocoa solids minimum.

These sweets do not contain gluten, they are vegetarian- and vegan-friendly.

  • A good source of fibre
  • No added sugars

A varied balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important to all of us!

Ingredients: dried dates, dried bananas, (bananas, preservative sulfur dioxide), chocolate (cocoa mass), cashews, dried cherries (4%), dried apples (apples, preservative sulfur dioxide), salt, rosemary extract, fruit extract, natural cherry flavouring.

Chocolate contains minimum 96% dry cocoa solids.

Contains naturally occurring sugars.

May contain traces of peanuts or other nuts.

WARNING: may contain crushed date stone residue.

Produced in Lithuania.

Sold by weight. price per 100 g.

Best before: 6 months from the day of manufacture

Keep in cool dry place.

Weight .11 kg

In stock

Nutritional value per 100 g: energy value – 1809 kJ /427 kcal; fat – 17.1 g. of which saturates – 7 g; carbohydrate – 63.7 g, of which sugars – 45.6; fibre – 7.5 g; protein – 6.6 g; salt – 0.01 g.




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