KAUNO GRŪDAI Ekstra 405D highest quality wheat flour, 1.75kg


No lumps. Due to special grinding, Ekstra flour is extremely loose semolina flour, so your dough will not form lumps. It does not stick to your hands. The flour absorbs liquids when it swells, so there is no liquid medium in the dough. More fluffiness and volume. Compared to regular flour, your baking will require less of Ekstra flour, because it needs to be allowed to swell and the baked goods become fluffier as a result.

Only 3 kg of Extra flour is milled from 100 kg of grain. For grinding, not the whole grain is used, but only its kernel. Extra flour is perfect for: fragile confectionery, biscuits, cakes, waffles, baking high-quality bread and cake products.

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