11 MAMUKO porridge. Organic oat groats, 4+ months, 240g, 14 servings.


Ingredients: organic oat (100%). Contains no milk.

This product is made from thermally unprocessed grains, which makes this children’s favorite not only delicious. The patented grain technology rewards us with an exceptionally beneficial porridge and quick preparation time.

We know very well how important the first complementary baby food is. It has been proven that it is best to start complementary feeding with single-grain porridge, therefore we recommend choosing this porridge as the first porridge for your baby.

Please note that to make one serving of the porridge, you will need only 20 g (4-5 teaspoonfuls) of the tasty Mamuko porridge mix. One package yields 12-14 servings.

Pour 4-5 teaspoons of grain into 200ml of cold water and leave it for 5 minutes. Put on the cooker and stir while boiling for 4-5 minutes. Turn off the heat and leave the pot with the lid on for a few minutes. Porridge can be diluted with breast milk or baby formula (for babies from 9 months can be diluted with boiled or pasteurized milk). You can also add 0,5 – 1 teaspoon of unrefined oil, vegetable, fruit and berry puree, or mashed fresh berries and fruits. For babies from 1 year porridge can be boiled with milk or broth. Attention! Carefully read and follow package instructions. Do not reheat!
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100 g of this product has the nutrition and energy value
Energy value kj/Kcal. 1618/382
Fat (g.) 6
of which saturated fatty acids (g.) 1,00
Carbohydrates (g.) 69,60
of which sugar (g.) 1,00
Protein (g.) 12,50
Salt (g.) 0,03


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