Raw fresh pure beeswax, 100 g.


Natural beeswax is suitable for making homemade cosmetics, wax wraps, candles, Easter eggs, etc. It smells of honey and flowers.

What is beeswax?

Wax is produced by the wax glands of worker bees located in the lower abdomen. Most bees produce wax. The production and release of wax is stimulated by a good honey bee: the more honey and pollen the bees bring to the hive, the more they produce wax and sew the honeycomb.

Beeswax was known in ancient times. In ancient Egypt, wax was used to embalm the dead, to make candles. In medieval Lithuania, where drew beekeeping still prevailed at that time, it was already known to collect and produce large quantities of wax, which was sufficient for the local market and export.

Beeswax composition

Fresh beeswax is completely white. Later, the wax acquires a yellowish color as pitch and pollen are mixed into it. Natural beeswax smells pleasantly of honey.
The wax contains complex ethers, free fatty acids and carbohydrates. Beeswax is rich in carotenoids (provitamin A) and other coloring, aromatic substances. It contains some minerals as well as impurities: pollen, pitch, etc. The melting point of beeswax is 60-68 degrees.

Benefits of beeswax

It is recommended to chew honeycomb which contains wax. It’s full of valuable components: vitamin A, pollen, bee propolis.
Natural beeswax is suitable for the production of cosmetics. It forms a protective film and prevents the skin from evaporating moisture, nourishes and softens it.
Beeswax is also used for inhalations, wax therapy, physiotherapy, thermotherapy.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Product from Lithuania

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Medaus Namai – House of Honey – is an organic apiary located in a beautiful part of Lithuania, surrounded by wild forests, meadows and lakes. There are no sources of contamination around the apiary and the bees are treated only with natural acids in wooden hives. All honey is raw and poured into glass jars.
Laimonas and Jurate, the owners of this apiary, are young entrepreneurs that decided to combine old Lithuanian traditional beekeeping with a new innovative technology. Laimonas is a third generation bee-keeper: the history of the beekeeping of his family began more than fifty years ago.
Traditional honey is combined with new technologies: Freeze dried berries, fruits and herbs are added to raw honey, which makes unique, delicious and very nutritious new products.
Raw honey – it’s a pure, unfiltered and unpasteurized sweetener made by bees from the nectar of flowers. Most of the honey consumed today is processed honey that’s been heated and filtered after it was gathered from the hive. Unlike processed honey, raw honey does not get robbed of its incredible nutritional value and health benefits. Raw honey can help with everything from low energy to sleep problems to seasonal allergies. Switching to raw honey may even help weight-loss.
It’s one of the superfoods. It becomes a double superfood when it’s united with freeze dried berries and fruits which are antioxidants – essential for our bodies.


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