RINGUVA RESQ Stain remover with bile and enzyme complex (concentrated) 1L


Pour stain remover on the stained area, leave for 5 minutes, do not let it dry. Wash according to the fabric manufacturer’s recommendations. Repeat cleaning for old stains. To improve the washing effect, add 30 ml of RESQ directly to the laundry. Do not use other stain removers at the same time, only detergents.

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Concentrated stain remover with an innovative composition with a complex of active enzymes – unsurpassed in the fight against stains. Breaks down fats, proteins and other dirt, penetrates well into the fabric, perfectly cleans not only fresh, but also old stains. The stain remover used together with the detergent strengthens the action of the detergent, and the concentrated composition and economical packaging are suitable for long-term use.

  • Innovative formula – an advanced enzyme complex effectively cleans various stains and ensures the cleanliness of fabrics;
  • Responsibly designed and manufactured in Lithuania;
  • Recycled plastic packaging – (a more sustainable choice) – less environmental pollution and impact on climate change;
  • Contains no chlorine or optical brighteners.

The product is intended for cleaning blood, sweat, coffee, tea, make-up, rust, milk, fat, oil, fruit, wine, vegetable stains.

Wool, natural silk, synthetic and brightly colored fabrics should first be tested in an inconspicuous area for fading.


Composition: 5% or more but less than 15% non-ionic PAM, 5% or more but less than 15% anionic PAM, less than 5% soap, bile, enzymes, preservative (Benzisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Laurylamine Dipropylenediamine).


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