RINGUVA PLUS Fabric softener with cotton extract SENSITIVE 800ml


A fresh scent, enriched with cotton extract, which effectively softens fabrics without damaging it. Specially designed for sensitive skin. With the help of its unique composition, your laundry will become fluffy and soft.

Checked by dermatologists

Dermatologist-tested fabric softener RINGUVA PLUS is perfect for rinsing fabrics both by hand and with washing machines. The emollient does not contain irritants, the fragrance is specially formulated without the use of allergens.


The cotton extract contained in the fabric softener effectively softens the fabrics. Clothes that are rinsed with fabric softener are less wrinkled, dry faster and are comfortable to wear, penetrating deeply into the fiber, keeping it fluffy and soft. Concentrated fabric softener for rinsing all types of white and colored fabrics. It is recommended to use the fabric softener in combination with RINGUVA PLUS liquid detergent. The 800 ml pack is enough for 20 rinses, which can be used daily to keep your fabrics fresh and soft at all times.

Ingredients: 5-15% cationic surfactants, fragrances, cotton extract, preservative (benzisothiazolinone, laurylamine dipropylenediamine).

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