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RŪTA Hot Chocolate, 75% Dark chocolate flakes, 250 g VEGAN


New from the chocolate factory Rūta – Hot Chocolate! It is high-quality, 75% dark chocolate flakes. The amazing taste of hot chocolate will make your day warm and bright, and its lovely aroma will bring cosiness and warmth to your home. The rich flavour of genuine dark chocolate is for the gourmet who cannot say no to a classic.

Add some cinnamon, vanilla or cardamom, various nuts, marshmallow bits, whipped cream, ice cream, fresh fruit or berries to your hot chocolate, or spice it up with a pinch of chilli or salt for a flavour that is more piquant. A product by master chocolatiers: a true, time-tested flavour!

Recommendation: upheat milk or cream (70-90 °C), whisk in 1 cup of chocolate flakes (proportions 1:1), stir well and enjoy! The given method produces a thick consistency (the consistency will become thinner with extra milk or cream added). Enjoy!

  • 75% dark chocolate flakes.
  • High fibre
  • Various extras recommended

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