SPILVA salted gherkins, 6-9cm, 670g glass


These gherkins are aged in barrels in a salt brine for three months. When filling in jars, a little vinegar is added to ensure that the gherkins are firm and crunchy. Traditional spices such as dill and garlic are added to the product. A great choice for gourmets who crave for pickles. We recommend it for sandwiches, soups, as a side dish and as an appetizer.

An additional label is visible on the package label – a green leaf with the inscription “Without preservatives”. This means that the product is prepared in the same way as at home, using the pasteurization method, so after opening the jar, it should be refrigerated.

Made in Latvia

Weight 1 kg

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Ingredients: gherkins, spirit vinegar, salt, dill, garlic.

Storage conditions: Protect from direct sunlight. Keep refrigerated after opening. Storage temperature range: from 0°C to 25°C.

100 g of the product contains:
energy value – 11 kcal (46 kJ)
0.5 g of fat (including 0 g of saturated fatty acids)
0.7 g of carbohydrates (including 0.4 g of sugar)
0.9 g of protein
3.3 g of salt


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