SUPERGARDEN Freeze dried raspberries 100g


Melting in your mouth raspberries will change any other sweet! Did you know that raspberries are valued as a natural source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and protein?

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“A cup of raspberries contains as much as one third of the recommended daily fiber intake,” says Professor A. Unikauskas. Read more in the article.

As a snack
Choose freeze-dried berries instead of the usual snack: they weigh a little, crunch deliciously.

For smoothies
Cocktails and smoothies will get a brighter berry flavor – more sour or sweeter, you choose.

With cereals, porridge
Just a handful of freeze-dried berries and the dullest morning porridge will be a treat.

With yoghurt
Do you like yogurt? Try it with a variety of berries – the aroma won’t disappoint.

For confectionery decorations
Cold-dried berries will definitely not let you down, decorating the most exquisite cake.

With drinks
Freeze-dried berries, crispy and melting in your mouth, are perfect for any beverage of your choice. Add some berries to your favorite drinks.

Lactose free
No preservatives
No dyes
No additional artificial flavors
No added sugar (only natural sugar in the product).
100% natural
Without GMO.
Suitable for vegans.
Ingredients: Raspberry 100%.

Store in a cool dry place.

Place of origin: European Union.



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