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Užupių Manufaktūra Acorn Coffee 100g


In Baltic mythology, oaks are the home of the gods, couldn’t at least a piece of divinity be hidden in these drops of coffee? 2021 vintage oak acorns collected in Alytus, Šakiai and Tauragė districts of Lithuania are dried and shelled – the work is done by hand with respect for the old traditions of our ancestors. It is one of the oldest traditional drinks in our country. Rediscover the acorn coffee that Lithuanians have been enjoying for a long time with friends or family. Dr. J. Basanavičius’ favorite coffee!
Acorn coffee is a drink with a pleasant aroma and taste, made according to an old traditional recipe from the acorns of the oaks growing in Lithuanian forests. Caffeine-free, making it suitable for the whole family.

Ingredients: oak acorn kernels. Quantity: 100 g.

Instructions for preparation are provided on the package.

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