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VERI BERI cherry fruit stripes


Veri Beri cherry – delicate taste of almond nutlet in a cherry

Ingredients: concentrated apple juice, concentrated apple puree, concentrated cherry juice (4%), gelling agent – citrus fruit pectin, citrus fruit fibre, natural flavour.

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VERI BERI 100% fruit stripes is unique and exclusive natural sweet.

  • We don’t use any sugar, nor any other sweeteners in VERI BERI production. Therefore all the sweet taste of VERI BERI fruit stripes comes only from the natural fruit sugar content existing in fruit purees and juices.
  • The main idea of VERI BERI from the beginning was to create 100% natural sweet, without any artificial additives. Therefore VERI BERI natural fruit stripes has no preservatives, no dies, no artificial flavourings, or any other bad stuff.
  • VERI BERI fruit stripes is excelent source of dietary fibers. Dietary fibers are essential for our digestive system to feel good and healthy. Many researches show that dietary fibers have big effect on overall body matabolic processes and even helps to control our body weight. Unfortunately most of the people get insufficient daily amount of dietary fibers. VERI BERI helps to add more fibers to your diet, because one pack of VERI BERI fruit stripes has over 3 grams of citrus fruit fibers!
  • Even though no preservatives are being used for the production of VERI BERI, the expiration term of the product is naturally long, due to special production technology, which leaves very little level of moisture and high content of natural fruit sugars. We guarantee that VERI BERI fruits stripes can be stored for as long as 12 months.
  • VERI BERI fruit stripes are made of fruits only, which means that 100% of ingredients used in the production are fruit products (fruit purees and juice concentrates, fruit pectin and fruit fibers, natural fruit flavouring). Therefore VERI BERI is gluten free, peanuts, soy, eggs and other dangerous allergens free. For this reason VERI BERI is safe and suitable for everybody!
  • VERI BERI fruits stripes are called 100% fruit stripes for a reason – it is made of fruit products only ! Each and every one ingredient is derived from the natural and fresh fruit: fresh fruit puree, fruit juice concentrate, citrus fruit pectin and fiber, natural fruit flavouring.
  • One of the ingredients used in VERI BERI is citrus fruit pectin. Pectin is natural carbohydrate, found in many fruits, and works as a gelling agent in confectionary production. Pectin is soluble dietary fiber, which according to many research studies, has very possitive effect on human body overall functionality and some studies show even fights cancer.
  • VERI BERI fruit stripes are packed in very convenient and easy to carry pouch with a zip lock for multi-time use. So don’t worry if You or your child can not eat all pack content at once – zip lock it and leave it safe closed for later !

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