VILNIAUS DUONA “Beata’s kitchen” dark bread with seeds, 300g


“Vilniaus duona” together with Beata Nicholson created a delicious, special taste, rich in grains and seeds. As much as 30% of the entire product consists of various grains and seeds (sunflower, pumpkin and flax seeds).

As Beata herself says – “this bread, like a cake, can be eaten simply by itself”.

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RYE flour, water, WHEAT flour, sunflower seeds (13.7%), flax seeds (8.8%), pumpkin seeds (7.6%), sugar, yeast, iodized salt, WHEAT GLUTEN, RYE malt, BARLEY malt extract, WHEAT fiber, flour processing agent ascorbic acid.

Allergens: Contains: gluten-containing cereals.


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